Hi! I’m Etienne, a 27 year old with a passion for photography.

Street photography

I have always been greatly attached to the idea that although some elements may repeat in life, the moments never do. When I shoot in the streets, I try to think about each individual, and the reasons leading them to be where they are and act the way they do in that very moment.


Having a Series category gives me the freedom to share different things, and allow me to keep a visual memory of a specific time and place.

What’s my gear?

Fujifilm X-E3 + Fujinon 35mm ƒ1.4  
I find this setup to be perfect for me. Being able to shoot with a 50mm equivalent focal length suits my style and forces me to further focus on composition and avoid cropping in post-production. I am a strong believer in not switching gear too often and rather taking the time to know one specific camera very well in order to completely forget about it.

Wanna talk?

Have a question? Feedback? A complaint? (hope not), leave your details in the contact page! 



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